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Walure capital is a technology company aimed at empowering both individuals and businesses in professional coaching, software solution consulting and talent outsourcing.

In order to be admitted into Walure Capital, you must be ;

Able to participate in an online session

Able to take an aptitude test and achieve the minimum acceptable score

Able to speak, read/write and understand the English language

Able to use a computer to navigate in the Windows environment

Additionally, if enrolling in our online programming, you must be able to learn in an online environment and have access to the internet and a reliable laptop or desktop computer with a current web browser and Microsoft Office software applications.

No, Walure Capital does not charge application fee.

Walure Capital offers both Online and Onsite learning modes

No, once you complete a course series, we will provide you a certificate of completion that stands as proof that you completed and passed our training, but it does not certify you. Walure Capital does not provide certification exams. After completing our courses, you will be fully prepared to take the certification exams with a separate provider.

Our courses have no prerequisites and are suitable for beginners learning how to code, intermediate or advanced users. Our courses are designed to provide you with the knowledge required to pass IT based certifications. Our content replicates actual exam objectives to ensure your success.

As a licensed school, we cannot guarantee job placement. But we have dedicated partners and staff members who work with local employers to connect students to jobs. After students graduate, they may apply for the jobs our partners offer. Those positions are not guaranteed; students interview for those positions. However, our experience has been that the vast majority of our graduates secure full-time employment in the IT industry within months of their completing the program and earning certification.

Yes. You may make payments in two instalments: 70% due 7 days before your course begins, and the remaining 30% due 14 days to course completion. There is no service fee charged for making payments this way.

Each course has a specified time frame and each session takes not less than 2 hours per class, three times weekly.

For our online students, you'll need standard computer equipment (not a tablet or phone). Also your computer must meet the required specifications:

64-bit Windows operating system (Windows 10 professional or above)

Intel i5 processor or equivalent (or above)

8 GB RAM (or more)

Microsoft Office 2016 or Office 365

Reliable Internet access (for instance, your Internet should allow you to easily watch a YouTube video)

For our students in physical classrooms, a pen and paper to take notes, alongside a personal computer are all you need for class. Note, it is helpful to have access to a computer and Internet during your own time to access recommended educational activities online to help reinforce what you learn in the classroom.

Our program is rigorous and requires each student to take ownership of his or her success reflecting the kind of personal responsibility necessary for you to secure and keep a professional job. The instructor shares material in a lecture format, but leaves plenty of time for questions, group projects, hands-on labs and one-on-one attention.

Our learning modes, both Online and Onsite classes have minimum of 8 students and maximum of 10 students per class.

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